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“Attention schools around the country: it is crucial that you redefine what you consider to be your CORE subjects. Computer Science and programming must be an integral part of education at all levels.” – Doug Bergman, USA   

Doug Bergman Computer Science Department Chair Porter-Gaud School Charleston, South Carolina, USA @dbergmanusa To celebrate five years of Daily Edventures, we’re sharing some of our favorite posts. This Daily Edventure was originally published on March 2, 2017. Doug Bergman has contributed … Continue reading

Photo of Jason Holt

“Encouraging our students, listening to them, mentoring and guiding them has an incredible impact on their lives.” – Jason Holt, USA 

Jason Holt Instructional Technology Specialist Newman International Academy of Arlington Arlington, Texas USA @jasonthegodman  Jason Holt, an instructional technology specialist and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, sees success stories every day. In addition to teaching Computer Science classes, including Windows Programming … Continue reading

“I am focused on each student’s growth. If each student can come away with knowledge that will enhance their personal or professional life, then we have both succeeded.” – Pamela Orbison, computer science teacher, USA

Pamela Orbison Business, Finance, IT and Computer Science Teacher; Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Rowan Salisbury Schools in Salisbury, North Carolina, USA Pam Orbison (@CLMS_CTE on Twitter How one teacher manages testing pressure “It seems that a score on a test determines … Continue reading

“A lot more girls need to be educated beyond the high school level. They need the skills to be able to survive in the workplace, know their rights, and emerge as leaders.” – Mary Mwende, Keyna

“Today, students want some context for their computer science. It has to have meaning to them more than ‘learn this because it is good for you.’ Education has had to adapt a bit because just being able to use a computer is not enough.”

Education Technology may be a relatively recent phenomenon, but Daily Edventures alum Alfred Thompson has dedicated a long career to ensuring its progress. Starting in the days of punch cards, through to the age of Twitter (Thompson’s handle: @alfredtwo), he’s … Continue reading

“It’s not about the device. It has never been about the device. It’s about what we do with the device.” – Lou Zulli, Jr., USA

“Computer science is not always seen as a priority. On the other hand using computer science in ways that support learning other disciplines pays off in big ways.” – Alfred Thompson, USA

“I think the reason girls are not getting involved in computer science and in STEM is that they are not exposed to the various fields that are part of STEM careers.” – Nikita Rau, USA

Using robots to build creativity

Robots in the classroom. It may seem like an odd concept at first. How would a robot help kids learn? To Katarina Veljkovic, it seemed simple: kids like robots. Why not use the creation of a LEGO NXT robot as … Continue reading

I Don’t Know the Word ‘Impossible’

As a student at the University of Beirut during the 1990s civil war, Fida Mohammad El-Homsi, Mathematics and Computer Science Teacher, faced hardships many university students couldn’t imagine.