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Photo of Lisa Floyd

“As teachers, we are futurists.” – Lisa Anne Floyd, Canada

Lisa Anne Floyd Director of Research and Inquiry, Fair Chance Learning/ Instructor, Western University Faculty of Education/Teacher,Thames Valley District School Board London, Ontario, Canada @lisaannefloyd For Lisa Anne Floyd, teaching students how to use technology effectively is critical, but it … Continue reading

“One could say that dialogue is fruitless without action, but where else do we start? We need to begin by getting everyone – students, academics, and policy-makers – on board.” – Jaxson Khan, Canada

Innovation-ready vs. College-ready

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has been a loud voice for education reform for some time, and he doesn’t shy away from controversy. So it’s no surprise that Friedman recently highlighted an uncomfortable conflict taking place in education today, … Continue reading

“Today, young people are much more exposed to enormous amounts of information. Critical thinking is the skill that will help them comprehend information properly in mutual references and use it an innovative, creative way.” – Ondrej Homola, Czech Republic

“It is… critical to treat teachers like the professionals we are. Allow us the flexibility and judgment to try new and innovative approaches to teaching kids. Administrators who help teachers reflect on their practice naturally encourage them to try new things.” – Dave Mendell, USA

“Practical advice for teachers: always plan and realize your classes in a team, in cooperation with other teachers.” – Snežana Marković,Serbia

“It must be recognized that a real education is an experience and a process, not the summative end that can only be measured by a limited test. We must find ways to address, promote, and assess communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.” – Michael Gorman, USA

“The importance of the educational task is not to find new Einsteins, or to show how much the teacher knows, but to detect the best potential in students and to help in their development.” – Uriel Aiskovich, Argentina

“My parents supported me wholeheartedly with my creative endeavors. They were my champions.” Ahmet Zappa – USA

The best opportunity for innovation in education? “Empower schools and districts with the freedom to really innovate to find the best ways to teach and assess 21st century outcomes.” Ken Kay – USA

“Chess can be a student’s driving force, helping in every aspect of critical thinking development” – Garry Kasparov – Russia