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“Both teachers and students need learning. Will teachers respond appropriately?” – Jan Voda, Czech Republic

Jan Voda Principal Magic Hill Primary School Czech Republic As a school leader, MIE Expert Jan Voda is a big supporter of 21st century learning design. When he first heard research on the subject in 2013, he knew his school … Continue reading

“Our task is to prepare students for life in the 21st century. People will have to use technology in accordance with reason and responsibility for the whole planet.” – Tomáš Milička, Czech Republic

Tomáš Milička Teacher Gymnasium, Secondary Pedagogical School, Business Academy and Language School Znojmo, Czech Republic @tomas_milicka Tomáš Milička still remembers the moment he realized he could be a good educator. “It started when one of my students who was working … Continue reading

“Promoting a Life-long Love of Learning through Interactive Games.” – Tomáš Bárta, Czech Republic

For entrepreneur Tomáš Bárta, the most important discussion about education is, “…if the word ‘education’ is even the proper word. Education seems to connote something passive, boring, annoying, and most of all, not creative,” he says. “The biggest inspiration I … Continue reading

“Corinth Classroom captures the attention of young students, to [help them] be enthusiastic about the world around them, learn more efficiently, and find their passion for learning.” – Martin Bukáček, Czech Republic

Entrepreneurship is a way to apply my creativity and to fulfill myself, and I believe this is the best and most efficient way to use anyone’s abilities

Imagine Cup winner Zbyněk Poulíček doesn’t consider himself an educator in the traditional sense of the word, but he is undoubtedly a teacher. While still a student, Poulíček, along with his colleages, started GINA Software, a business with global applications … Continue reading