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Five years celebrating everyday heroes  

Celebrating five years of Daily Edventures  Five years ago, we started an incredible journey to showcase the stories of education heroes from all around the globe. Over the course of this journey, we’ve featured hundreds of accounts of innovation, struggle, … Continue reading

Andre Quaglia

“My experience working in the business world taught me the importance of thinking independently and solving problems using available resources. Preparing students to meet these same challenges requires teaching strong information literacy skills that will give them the ability to fight economic poverty, improve quality of life and increase opportunities.”

Educator Tecumseh Vista Academy Department Head at Greater Essex County School Board Ontario, Canada @quagliaspace Andre shares his Project Based Learning in Business Education lesson on his page on the Educator Community, and on his website, cloudoflearning.com. Check them out!

Iro Stefopoulou

“Giving students the opportunity to connect with peers from all around the world and from different cultural backgrounds opens their eyes and minds. Skype in the Classroom, apart from practicing communication skills, takes learning outside of the classroom and provides authentic learning experiences!” 

Iro Stefopoulou Skype Master Teacher United Kingdom Iro shares even more Skype in the Classroom tips, insights and projects on her Educator Community profile.  To give your class a once-in-a-lifetime experience, be sure to sign up for Microsoft’s global Skype-a-Thon, … Continue reading

Corey Johnson

“Critical thinking is one of the pillars of our program and in my opinion the most needed skill to be successful in today’s world.  If you have true critical thinking skills you have the ability to analyze and acquire anything else you will need.  It’s also a skill that is almost completely left out of the education systems in most of the developing world.”

Corey Johnson Executive Director, Imagine Scholar Kamhlushwa, MP, South Africa @ImagineScholar “Critical thinking is one of the pillars of our program and in my opinion the most needed skill to be successful in today’s world.  If you have true critical … Continue reading

Brian Aspinall

“Ultimately, I want kids to pursue life goals based on passions they encountered in school – similar to my school experience.” – Brian Aspinall, Canada

When we first spoke with Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Brian Aspinall last year, he shared his passion for helping his students solve problems systematically, all with the help of computer science and STEM. While Aspinall’s a veteran of using technology … Continue reading

Analyzing Education Around the World

Tomorrow, we will celebrate the “World Teacher’s Day“! I encourage you to recognize your teachers, teachers who have made an impact in your life and who are inspiring students everyday. On the UNESCO website, make sure you register your celebration … Continue reading

Luisa Tristan - Spain

“In order to help teachers create new learning experiences through technology, we have to invest in training and encourage trial and error.” – Spain

Fiona Beal, Technology Integration Facilitator - USA

“Nearly everything I do now is aimed at encouraging teachers to embrace innovation in education.” – South Africa

Suzana Delic, Teacher - Croatia

“Today’s students are completely different from those of five to 10 years ago. Today’s students need to explore.”– Croatia

Zayheri Velazquez Carrillo, Teacher - Mexico

“Innovation doesn’t only apply to technology, but also to the way teachers inspire students to act, think, react and create things that may help them to become better members of our society.” – Mexico

Dr. Christine Ballengee-Morris, Professor - USA

“Trying new ways with one’s students places both the teacher and the students into a learning community and as partners. Technology is one area that provides that environment.” – USA

Chu Tsz Wing, Teacher at the Hong Kong Institution of Education Jockey Club Primary School - Hong Kong

“There are more than two billion social network users connected together. There are more than two billion potential teachers from around the world who can share their experience and learn together. Everyone can be your teacher!” – Hong Kong

Birgy Lorenz, Teacher, ICT Development Manager - Estonia

“Although it seems that children are born with a “mouse” or “mobile” in their hand, they actually need assistance from adults to cope with digital literacy: privacy, ethics, critical thinking.” – Estonia

Candis Int-Hout,  School Volunteer - USA

Parents, why volunteer at school? “The school is part of your community and the stronger the school, the stronger the community.” – USA

Dr. Howard Gardner, Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education - USA

“‘Individuation’ and ‘pluralization’ will revolutionize education; no longer will we have to teach everyone the same thing in the same way.” – USA

Arjana Blazic, English and German Teacher - Croatia

“Tweet! Retweet! Share! Open the doors of your classroom and let your students learn from their international peers.” – Croatia

Martin Lindved, Pre-primary Teacher - Denmark

“The fact that I, as a teacher, get to assume the role as facilitator and guide gives me the extra energy to really see the students as individuals, and to challenge their individual competences and talents.” – Denmark

Stephanie Hoaglund, Director of Social Media, K12 Inc., USA

“Families who choose online education for their children want the exact same thing that any parent wants – the best education for their kids – they are just choosing a different way to get it.” – USA

David Andrade,Physics Teacher, Author and Blogger - USA

“Project-based learning, while not new, is seeing renewed interest and I feel it truly helps students.” – USA

Brett kOPF, Co-founder, remind101, USA

“Too often cell phones in schools are banned but they are powerful tools. As long as safety precautions and standards are built in, that is.” – USA