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Analyzing Education Around the World

Tomorrow, we will celebrate the “World Teacher’s Day“! I encourage you to recognize your teachers, teachers who have made an impact in your life and who are inspiring students everyday. On the UNESCO website, make sure you register your celebration … Continue reading

“In order to help teachers create new learning experiences through technology, we have to invest in training and encourage trial and error.” – Spain

“Nearly everything I do now is aimed at encouraging teachers to embrace innovation in education.” – South Africa

“Today’s students are completely different from those of five to 10 years ago. Today’s students need to explore.”– Croatia

“Innovation doesn’t only apply to technology, but also to the way teachers inspire students to act, think, react and create things that may help them to become better members of our society.” – Mexico

Dr. Christine Ballengee-Morris, Professor - USA

“Trying new ways with one’s students places both the teacher and the students into a learning community and as partners. Technology is one area that provides that environment.” – USA

“There are more than two billion social network users connected together. There are more than two billion potential teachers from around the world who can share their experience and learn together. Everyone can be your teacher!” – Hong Kong

“Although it seems that children are born with a “mouse” or “mobile” in their hand, they actually need assistance from adults to cope with digital literacy: privacy, ethics, critical thinking.” – Estonia

Parents, why volunteer at school? “The school is part of your community and the stronger the school, the stronger the community.” – USA

“‘Individuation’ and ‘pluralization’ will revolutionize education; no longer will we have to teach everyone the same thing in the same way.” – USA

“Tweet! Retweet! Share! Open the doors of your classroom and let your students learn from their international peers.” – Croatia

“The fact that I, as a teacher, get to assume the role as facilitator and guide gives me the extra energy to really see the students as individuals, and to challenge their individual competences and talents.” – Denmark

“Families who choose online education for their children want the exact same thing that any parent wants – the best education for their kids – they are just choosing a different way to get it.” – USA

“Project-based learning, while not new, is seeing renewed interest and I feel it truly helps students.” – USA

“Too often cell phones in schools are banned but they are powerful tools. As long as safety precautions and standards are built in, that is.” – USA

“Involving students in their learning to create personal paths and collaboration is helping them, but competition and individualism is getting in the way of learning.” – Finland

“The first and MOST important element that any leader must have when integrating technology and change in the classroom: courage. Simply put, no courage and no change.” – Canada

“If teenagers are happy with themselves, they are a lot less likely to go put someone else down.” – USA

“Science is alive, it’s teamwork, people’s lives depend on it.” – USA

“Keep the little kid inside you alive and step forward with confidence.” – India