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Connecting students to science and fun – Tom Gamble, USA

Tom Gamble Middle School Math and Science Teacher Omaha Virtual School Omaha, Nebraska, USA @gambletg “One of my favorite activities is having students model elements, compounds, and mixtures in Minecraft aligned with my eighth-grade standards in Physical Science. Students were … Continue reading

“Education needs to be more than about making a living, but about making a life.” – USA

“When you talk about putting an Xbox in the classroom the first thing you think is “you’re putting a video game in the classroom?”- USA

“Game making is the best activity I can imagine for kids to be involved with – being on a team, working together to make something.” – USA

“Make learning active and build experiences that support the intrinsic desire to ask questions and find answers” – USA

“I think it is imperative to broaden questions about the purpose of schooling beyond its economic value” – USA

“It has become far easier to create relations with students when we have played Xbox together” – Norway

Just Press Play! “Engage university students by creating a fun, interactive and social mechanism for them to track their achievements” – USA

“Play is at the heart of learning” – USA

“Give yourselves and your students permission to play,” says Henry Jenkins.

An Ingenious Solution to Transforming Collaboration in Classrooms – Chile

Miguel Nussbaum has been working to transform the classroom experience with the support of technology since 1995. Early on, he saw the potential for interactive gaming in the classroom, using a Nintendo Game Boy to introduce 1:1 and games in … Continue reading

Different Students, Same Dreams

Feel, think, grow, inspire. This is the motto of the Lagoa Secondary School (Escola Secundária de Lagoa) in São Miguel Island, Azores. And if you are a student, teacher or parent here, you know this motto by heart. It applies … Continue reading

Teachers Sharing their Ideas and Practices are the Most Important Things

I met Ollie Bray at the Partners in Learning Worldwide Education Forum in November 2011, where he was participating as a judge. Last week I bumped into him at the Education Scotland offices during my trip to Glasgow. Bray was … Continue reading

Making gaming in the classroom easy and accessible

For Dr. Kari Stubbs, innovation in education has not been a destination, but a journey. “I spent eleven years as a classroom teacher,” says Stubbs.

Bridging the Gap Between Culture and Technology

It’s the year 2000, and Marina Vasileva is an ordinary teacher in Skopje, Macedonia. Enter Partners in Learning.

MindblockCartoon, Eduardo Barillas and Zhonghua Liu

Learning is something that you have to love versus just live through

“We love video games – every kid does,” says Zhonghua Liu. “They spend five to six hours a day playing games. It becomes part of their lives. Why not use it to learn?” Liu and Eduardo Barillas, two of the … Continue reading