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Driven: Irish Inventors Aim to Make the Roads Safe – James McNamara, Ireland

To celebrate five years of Daily Edventures, we’re sharing some of our favorite posts. This Daily Edventure was originally published on March 16, 2012. They call it “Project Hermes” after the Greek god who protects travelers. They believe their technology … Continue reading

Better Heart Health through Technology – Team #idontgiveanapp, Italy

Their team name may suggest a certain nonchalance, but Italy’s Team #idontgiveanapp is anything but apathetic about the well-being of its target users. The team, winners in the recent Imagine Cup World Citizenship Semi-finals in Seattle, have created the HeartWatch

Innovative App Aids Early Detection of Parkinson’s Disease – Team PROGNOSIS, Greece

What if by learning a language, you could have the power to change the world? If you ask Konstantinos Mavrodis, that language already exists – it just needs to be taught. “Coding is a language,” he says. “We have English, … Continue reading

Pregnancy Planning Made Easy – Team Boby, Taiwan

Want to get pregnant? There’s an app for that, thanks to Taiwan’s Team Boby, which recently won the 2015 Imagine Cup World Citizenship semifinals in Seattle.  The team of four (Wang Zhenghong, Yang Wenqian, Lai Hezhun, and Xue Zhihao) from … Continue reading

“When you let the students’ creativity come into play it can just escalate from there, and really become something they’re motivated to do.” – Team EnCourage, Germany

It’s one of my most favorite times of the year: time for the Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finals! Imagine Cup is the global student technology program and competition that provides opportunities for students across all disciplines to team up and … Continue reading

Team Tether: A New Twist on Social Networking from New Zealand – Team Tether, New Zealand

You know the saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? Three Imagine Cup students from the University of Auckland in New Zealand — Team Tether — have used that idea to create an app to bring the … Continue reading

Imagine Cup 2015: Ontario Science Students Help Others Get Home Safely

 When four Queens University students in Kingston, Ontario saw a need for better safety within their university community, they jumped on it. The result? A brilliant new app called “Walkly.” Walkly is the 21st century equivalent of calling your parents … Continue reading

Imagine Cup 2015: Malaysia Game Designers Explore Native Folklore and Rituals

Teachers have many creative options when it comes to teaching about other cultures, but today’s Imagine Cup team – Malaysia’s SwinDesign — has designed an immersive game to do just that. Their game, “Tou: The Sacrifice” is a horror exploration … Continue reading

“You can see how many different projects can join together for the same cause.” – Team I Copy You, Qatar

Some of the most exciting projects at the Imagine Cup World Finals competition are the ones that aim to break down barriers and make learning more accessible for all. For Qatar’s I Copy You team, participants in the World Citizenship … Continue reading

“We were inspired to help our friends who are hearing- and speech-impaired to have the ability to communicate like everyone else,” – Imagine Cup Team quadSquad, Ukraine

As shared a few days ago on the blog, Microsoft YouthSpark enables students from all around the globe to take action and unleash their potential. Today, I am glad to highlight a YouthSpark star, Team quadSquad from the Imagine Cup competition. They won the … Continue reading

“All of my students that have participated in the Imagine Cup are now working in the field they were studying, and I use them as case studies to inspire others.” – José A. Rodríguez and José M. Abonguez, Puerto Rico

Imagine Cup 2013: Student STEM Innovators Shine in Russia

If there’s any doubt that students can be the source of the some of the world’s most exciting innovations, consider Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, held this week in St. Petersburg, Russia. Now in its 11th year, the event hosted 87 student … Continue reading

“Computer science is not always seen as a priority. On the other hand using computer science in ways that support learning other disciplines pays off in big ways.” – Alfred Thompson, USA

“By applying our knowledge of technology, and with the support of a great psychologist and interdisciplinary group helping us improve the application, we have been able to provide a fun and effective ADD treatment for kids affected by this condition, enabling them to receive a better education.” – Team ReImagine, Mexico

“As students, we originally never really thought we could spark any change at all. But thanks to technology we created KidCAMP that helps teachers develop their own programs for their special needs students”. – Team Divided by Zero, Philippines

“Rather than teaching students to just use technology, I want them to create the very same technology they use.” – Pat Yongpradit, USA

“Our work shows that students have a unique opportunity to change what’s wrong in their world through innovation and technology.” Sonnino Brothers – Brazil

“I think it’s very important to motivate creativity and search for new ideas. By studying programming, we learn to develop these ideas in practice. When developing a project we also learn to be more accurate and patient.” – Slovenia

“Be the content itself and lead students” – Thailand

Life-changing software for hearing impaired students – Ecuador

Imagine Cup winners Paco Pérez, along with fellow students and teammates José Vicente Anilema Guadalupe, Gerardo Francisco Pérez Layedra, Henry Javier Paca Quinaluiza and Juan José Morales Ruiz created SkillBox, an affordable software solution to help hearing-impaired children by translating … Continue reading