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“Nothing is Impossible. I want to rather say it should be read as I am possible or I would make it possible with my efforts / abilities.” – Munila Arora, India

“It is not just that technologies are becoming more accessible; it is more that global collaborative projects provide a vehicle for intercultural awareness and global understanding.” – Julie Lindsay, Australia

“Education starts with great teachers who love going to work every day and teaching children something new. We need to make sure that we appreciate those teachers, and not cut their salaries because they are the ones who are helping students thrive.” – Opal Vadhan, USA

“The most important thing right now is that we are trying to get the standards in the hands of the population and bridge the gap between teachers and parents so we can start communicating around the standards, and that will take some considerable effort.” – Mick Hewitt, USA

Your Students are “Teaching” Without You! – Bram Faems, Belgium

“The best opportunity for any innovation is time; time for educators to form relationships and know their learners and what is best for them, time to learn from other educators to share experiences and collaborate, time to try new ideas, time for learners to be involved themselves.” – Jo Debens, UK

“When teachers collaborate together, the best ideas combine together.” – Alice Leung, Australia

“With the huge amounts of online knowledge available, the challenge in modern teaching is not about knowing, but really about distilling and processing information and presenting it in a relevant, intelligent manner. It’s all about how we think, and not about what we know.” – Frederic Mazzella, France

The Importance of a Good Education is Priceless

Tessa van Zadelhoff is a primary teacher in the Netherlands. Instead of studying European cities from a traditional geography book, she and her students opened a travel agency in their classroom…The Bear travel agency.

FOCUS – Kagan’s school in Turkey: an ingenious way to teach the importance of water conservation

During my travels I get to meet some amazing people in education…but I also get a chance to see some amazing schools and innovations.  Kagan’s school in Turkey is no exception.  And while I was blown away by the school’s … Continue reading

Going Backward to Move Education Forward – Australia

Break something that isn’t broken. Throw away all the books. Let students decide what they want to learn. Yes, even accept (temporarily) lower test scores. To most traditional educators, this sounds counterintuitive. But I challenge us to think differently. Can … Continue reading