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“You might be able to help get that student their pass, but can they apply it in real life? I believe the country needs to support more ‘real-life’ practice with students to make sure that they will float, rather than sink at the end of their school career.” – Ray Chambers, England

Being authentic is the best way to connect and learn with the students, and don’t be afraid if they learn faster than you because many of them will.” – José Ignacio Fernández, Chile

“If you use innovative technologies in part of your lesson effectively, you might just capture the imagination of some of the class who are not normally fully engaged with the learning that is taking place.” – Jimmy Edwards, UK

“Don’t forget about art. Shouldn’t it be STEAM (Science, Technology, engineering, ART and Math)?” – Drew Davidson, USA

“Sensory integration opened up a whole new world for not only me, but most importantly, for my students with autism.” – Shannon Putman, USA

“When you talk about putting an Xbox in the classroom the first thing you think is “you’re putting a video game in the classroom?”- USA

“We want to learn” – Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day – Colombia

Today, March 21st, marks World Down Syndrome Day.

Teachers Sharing their Ideas and Practices are the Most Important Things

I met Ollie Bray at the Partners in Learning Worldwide Education Forum in November 2011, where he was participating as a judge. Last week I bumped into him at the Education Scotland offices during my trip to Glasgow. Bray was … Continue reading

Bridging the Gap Between Culture and Technology

It’s the year 2000, and Marina Vasileva is an ordinary teacher in Skopje, Macedonia. Enter Partners in Learning.