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“We need to change the notion of ’employment for my whole life‘ to ’employability for my whole life‘ because nobody knows where your next chance to succeed will be.” – Ovi Barceló, Spain

A Global Celebration: Ten Years of Partners in Learning

Thank you for your outstanding support celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Partners in Learning last Tuesday! The best testament to the impact Partners in Learning has had over the past decade is the results we’ve achieved – together – … Continue reading

Celebrating 10 years of Partners in Learning : Educators’ insights from Brazil

Last week, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of our flagship education program Partners in Learning. As I shared here, Partners in Learning has had an incredible impact on the lives of educators and students worldwide since its inception. As part of … Continue reading

“Mining the potential of my students with the help of technology!” – Botgros Didina, Romania

“For me, the Partners in Learning Program has dramatically changed my professional life and I don’t think I overstate the fact that it has changed my students life and future. I have been working for over 35 years in a … Continue reading

“I’m more optimistic than ever that we are about to see perhaps the biggest change in education in a thousand years.” – Craig Mundie, USA

When it comes to the world of education today, if you ask Craig Mundie, senior advisor to the CEO at Microsoft and one of the driving forces behind Partners in Learning 10 years ago, the future is bright. “I’m probably … Continue reading

Celebrating 10 years of Partners in Learning : Educators’ insights from India

Yesterday, Microsoft celebrated the 10 year anniversary of its flagship education program Partners in Learning. As I shared here, Partners in Learning has had an incredible impact on the lives of educators and students worldwide since its inception. Today, I … Continue reading

The Daily Edventures Webshow: Celebrating Ten Years of Partners in Learning

Partners in Learning turns 10 years old today – and there’s a lot to celebrate.  In over 119 countries around the world, Partners in Learning has helped over 200 million teachers transform their classrooms for the 21st century. Together, we’ve … Continue reading

Shape the Future of Education with Partners in Learning!

Through creative Public-Private Partnerships, Microsoft Shape the Future helps governments achieve their broad scale digital access goals – from education reform to creating a 21st century workforce. Access isn’t just about getting a broadband connection in a remote village. It’s … Continue reading

“It is very rare that you will get a job where you work alone or by yourself… we need to prepare our students to work in the new environment of today.” – Dr. Carlos Padín, Puerto Rico

“There is definitely a push towards… student and teacher experiences across mobile devices and multiple platforms, and realizing that users and consumers don’t want to be locked into a particular way of doing things. I think that is really encouraging.” – Anthony Speranza and Narissa Leung, Australia

“Often, the omnipresence of audiovisual in our civilization is seen as a negative by those, especially in the education system, who consider the word, rather than the image, the way to facilitate thinking and reflection.” – William Caldera Pantoja, Colombia

“Be fearless! Every world-changing idea that has ever been had has been met with and challenged by fearful, judgmental, and complacent opposition. Without fearless leaders who are willing to take risks to improve education in this country, we are at risk of failing our children.” – Joli Barker, USA

“Personalizing the learning environment is, to me, the most groundbreaking and exciting thing happening in education today” – Nasha Fitter, USA

“When teachers design learning experiences in a way that both challenges learners and sets them free to DO real things in the real world, it’s awe-inspiring what happens.” – Maria Langworthy, USA

“Most importantly of all, my work gave the students with special educational needs the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, in different ecosystems, which had previously been a privilege only of other students. This was all possible because I learned how to form partnerships.” – Margarida Telles da Cruz, Brazil

“I have always embraced technology in my educational work, not for the sake of it, but because I have always seen its potential for unlocking potential and empowering individuals and groups.” – Peter de Lisle, South Africa

“When you are satisfied and inspired, you inspire and make a difference not only to your students, but to other professionals, parents, just about anyone you come in contact with. Your passion will be contagious.” – Jennifer Bevill, USA

“It is essential to reflect on how and why technology is used in the classroom. As educators we cannot throw gadgets at kids and expect grand testing results. Innovative education is purposeful, designed, and reflective.” – Sarah Collins, USA

“Students can use ICT and get interested with Serious Games. The students find playful software very interesting, and learning while playing is more effective than learning with books only, or just the Internet. ” – Jean-Pierre Gallerand, France

more–>  INTERVIEW EN FRANCAIS EN BAS DE PAGE Jean-Pierre Gallerand is a true pioneer in education technology – he’s created virtual experiments to get students excited about science for over 30 years. A 2012 Partners in Learning Global Forum finalist … Continue reading

“Today, the teacher mustn’t only be a conveyer of information and knowledge to students. The teacher must be organizer, planner, coordinator and strategist of the teaching process, and must understand that the center of the teaching process should be the student.” – Slavica Gomilanović, Serbia