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“Teaching has many different aspects. One aspect is the big lecture. And there is definitely a view that it will become less like individual performances of live music and more like recorded music.” – Bill Gates, USA

One of my favorites things about Daily Edventures is the inspiration that can be gained by reading and listening to the many different and unique voices and experts in education around the world. Each person we speak with here has … Continue reading

“We wanted students to be able to write apps – and learn programming – directly on their smartphones. By bringing the app development environment in ‘their world,’ we lower the barrier to entry for the amazing world of CS.” – Peli de Halleux, USA

“I would (and will) open the silos of our educational system and build a unified gaming layer for education, one that engages the students and teachers but more importantly collects a never-before-seen quantity of data about the student, data that spans institutions and stays with the student for their entire life.” – Donald Brinkman, USA

Celebrating International Mother Language Day (February 21) – USA

International Mother Language Day was created in 1999 when the United Nations General Assembly called on members to “promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world.”  When languages fade, the UN says, “so does the … Continue reading

An Ingenious Solution to Transforming Collaboration in Classrooms – Chile

Miguel Nussbaum has been working to transform the classroom experience with the support of technology since 1995. Early on, he saw the potential for interactive gaming in the classroom, using a Nintendo Game Boy to introduce 1:1 and games in … Continue reading