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“My main goal is that I want to make myself unnecessary. I want them to stand on their own.” – Jan-Martin Klinge, Germany

Jan-Martin Klinge’s favorite quote is, “Far from finished.” We find this appropriate, as this math and physics teacher is just getting started. And given everything he’s already accomplished, we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

“I hope that every teacher would want to (evolve) – to not think, ‘I have been teaching for 20 years, I’m not going to move on.’ Everyone has to move on.” – Jenni Kansala, Finland

If there’s one thing that rings true about Microsoft’s E2 Global Educator Exchange, it’s that the Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEE) are truly gifted and inspirational. Jenni Kansala, an MIEE from Finland, is a perfect example of the incredible talent … Continue reading

Making Teachers’ Lives Easier in Ecuador – Richard Roseland, Ecuador

For many who attended the recent Microsoft E2 Global Educator Exchange in Budapest, it was their first exposure to educators (and educational approaches) from different countries. Not so for Richard Roseland.  

Encouraging students to ‘find their own mojo’: Wing Kan Lai, The Netherlands

If you’re ever looking for interesting teachers with diverse and inspirational stories, look no further than the Microsoft E2 Global Educator Exchange. I was thrilled to meet some of the world’s most creative educators this year in Budapest, including physics … Continue reading

Love of Learning Shines at E2 – Kam Pong Remus Fung, Hong Kong

One of the great joys of hosting events like the recent Microsoft E2 Global Educator Exchange is witnessing those “a-ha” moments teachers experience when they interact with their fellow extraordinary educators from around the world. When I met English teacher

Improvising, learning and sharing – one teacher’s guide to #hacktheclassroom – André Spang, Germany

What do musicians and educators have in common? If you ask André Spang – both an accomplished jazz musician and a teacher – more than you might think. “As a jazz musician I have to improvise,” says Spang. “If I … Continue reading

How Staffpad Takes Music Education to the Next Level – Guest Post by Andrew Fitzgerald, USA

Last week, it was time for me to teach my beginner groups about Key Signatures. Reading a key signature is a vital skill for any musician, so I want to make sure my students know and understand the concept well. … Continue reading

Art combined with digital tools create masterpieces in Spain – Irene Moreno, Spain

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math – STEAM – is at its very core about creativity and innovation working in concert. Creativity is, of course, one of the “Cs” in 21st century skills. For art teacher Irene Moreno, combining art … Continue reading

Computational thinking takes hold – even in the youngest of students – Henry Penfold, UK

Kodu, Minecraft and Skype-a-thons: just three of the many ways that Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Henry Penfold uses technology with his primary school students. Penfold is an enthusiastic proponent of these technologies in his classroom, and he’s not shy about

Skype-a-thon brings the world to students in rural India – Arokia Seeli Priya, India

Every educator has moments that define and shape their teaching. For Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Arokia Seeli Priya, that moment took place just weeks ago, when The Titan School – a Microsoft Showcase School where Priya teaches – announced

Bringing technology – and a future – to rural India – Jyoti Chaba, India

Most teachers have at least a few stories about students they’ve influenced, those whose lives they’ve changed for the better. For Jyoti Chaba, the ability to impact young peoples’ future is not only a primary motivation, it’s her calling.

“Every student has different needs, different interests, different learning paths and different types of intelligence. So, why to teach them all the same?” – Pablo García-Brull, Spain

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all teaching for Pablo García-Brull. And as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert since 2011, and a Teacher Ambassador since 2015, he’s not shy about sharing that insight with other educators.

Redefining innovation in small-town Texas – Rafranz Davis, USA

We often think that technology and innovation are one and the same. But for newly named Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Rafranz Davis, there’s an important distinction. When we chatted with Davis, who was in Redmond for a meeting with education … Continue reading

Using PBL to transform learning and teaching – Erliza Matacot, the Philippines

Sometimes, one little change can set the stage for big transformation. This was the case for Erliza Matacot, an English teacher in the Philippines. For Matacot, that little change was project-based learning.

Rethinking education and assessment for truly personalized learning – Brian Aspinall, Canada

When you talk with Brian Aspinall, the self-described “dork, teacher, coach, blogger and speaker,” it’s impossible to not get excited about the future of education. That’s likely because Aspinall is so passionate about it himself. But it’s also because he … Continue reading