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“We shouldn’t even be talking about technology. We should be saying, ‘What’s the best educational experience for the student?’” – Sal Khan, USA

To celebrate five years of Daily Edventures, we’re sharing some of our favorite posts. This Daily Edventure was originally published on February 13, 2013.

Online vs On Campus Learning

Here is an interesting infographics about online learning. Millions of students seem to be benefiting from this new way to access learning. What do you think? Can MOOCs work, with the support of real relationships between teachers and students? Or … Continue reading

MOOCs for College Credit?

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are a popular topic of conversation here at Daily Edventures – and not surprisingly, Sal Khan talked a lot about their potential during his recent visit to the Microsoft campus. But in order for MOOCs … Continue reading

Major Ed-Tech Trends for Higher-Ed: Do They Fit Your Classroom, Too?

Universities and colleges play an incredibly important role in our world – both for our future workers, and for future teachers and leaders. As such, it makes sense that universities should be at the forefront of innovation, especially as it … Continue reading

“The rising tide of our expectations is already giving birth to a new way of thinking about what’s possible and a new generation of tools and models (flipped classrooms, MOOCs) that will satisfy them.” – Dan Cogan-Drew, USA


Focus: Salman Khan on Reinventing Education

  Over the past several years, few ideas have had a more immediate impact on democratizing learning than those of Salman Khan. As many of our readers tell us, Khan Academy, with it’s simple premise, “Learn Almost Anything for Free,” … Continue reading

“The model for innovation around education isn’t about extending the classroom and thus the voice of a single teacher to more students, but rather innovating around growing the amount of teachers a single student has access to.” – Reuben Tozman, Canada

“Over the past few years we have experienced a renaissance in education technology investing, and there are numerous smart people in the field working hard to solve our most difficult problems.” – Victor Hu, USA

“There is a need to deeply challenge the system; the Ford-model of education, where schools and universities resemble factories that follow a specific production line, should stop as soon as possible.” – Petroula Karagianni, Greece

“I see a lot of disruption get stymied by ‘the system’ or process blocks. Don’t wait for permission; rather seek forgiveness with your awesome results!” – UK