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“The only thing that hasn’t changed [in education] is we still need good teachers – tech alone doesn’t capture hearts and minds.” – Ben Ravilious, UK

“Teaching has many different aspects. One aspect is the big lecture. And there is definitely a view that it will become less like individual performances of live music and more like recorded music.” – Bill Gates, USA

One of my favorites things about Daily Edventures is the inspiration that can be gained by reading and listening to the many different and unique voices and experts in education around the world. Each person we speak with here has … Continue reading

MOOCs: The Other Side of the Story

Disruptive change in education is never easy or without controversy and the growing Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) trend is no exception. While many are touting the benefits of MOOCs in equalizing access to education, scaling innovation (and the reach … Continue reading

How MOOCs can Benefit from Best Practices in Online Learning

While Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have been heralded of late as one of the technologies that could change the course of education – especially higher education – it is still early days. For instance, according to University Business, “an … Continue reading


Focus: The Hottest Ed-Tech Stories in 2012

  Change is a constant in education, and truly disruptive change is altering the landscape of education as we know it. Perhaps nowhere is that change more disruptive than in higher education, where the very existence of traditional college campuses … Continue reading