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“Sharing your knowledge is the key today. Share and collaborate with educators around the globe and you will never see any challenge you cannot meet.” – Vijay Gupta, India

“As the world of programming is opening up and becoming more accessible with new software, like Kodu for example, children are able to create their own apps to use in their learning. I am super excited to see what that looks like in ten and even five years time.” – Charlotte Beckhurst, UK

“Smart Education is not smart device education, but rather an educational paradigm shift for digital natives. Teachers cannot imagine what our future will be like after 30 years, so they have to study 21st century skills and know how to apply them to their traditional classroom with ICT.” – ByeongGuk Ku, Korea


Focus: Microsoft Youth announcement. It is through our youth that we can change the world. Be the Spark of Change!

“Innovation in education can best take place when we have L.O.V.E. The Leaders in the school must be willing to allow teachers to take Ownership and risks in designing alternative and Varied learning Experiences.” – Richard Koh, Singapore

“Today’s curriculum does not fully prepare students to live and work in an information-age society. As a result, employers today are often challenged with entry-level workers who lack the practical skills it takes to create, build and help sustain an information-rich business.” – The Netherlands