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Adventures In Online Learning

Today, I an glad to share with you this infographics about online learning, providing you with an insightful perspective on its history. And what about the future ahead? What do you think will shape the future and impact of MOOCs? … Continue reading

Online vs On Campus Learning

Here is an interesting infographics about online learning. Millions of students seem to be benefiting from this new way to access learning. What do you think? Can MOOCs work, with the support of real relationships between teachers and students? Or … Continue reading

How MOOCs can Benefit from Best Practices in Online Learning

While Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have been heralded of late as one of the technologies that could change the course of education – especially higher education – it is still early days. For instance, according to University Business, “an … Continue reading

“Families who choose online education for their children want the exact same thing that any parent wants – the best education for their kids – they are just choosing a different way to get it.” – USA