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Animated movie: Thank you Partners in Learning!

Here is a great video from Macedonia I am sure you will enjoy! Mariana Vasileva – you can read her past interview on the blog here – created this animated video especially for the 10 year anniversary of Partners in … Continue reading

9 days left: Applications for the 2014 Partners in Learning Global Forum in Barcelona due September 30!

We hear it all the time here at Daily Edventures: The Partners in Learning Global Forum is not only the best education event of the year; it’s also life-changing for everyone who attends. Last December, the Partners in Learning Global … Continue reading

How will Europe’s digital natives become digitally competitive?

At the last Partners in Learning Global Forum last year in Prague, I interviewed Kirsti Lonka, Vice Dean Faculty of Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Helsinki. We had a great conversation about “Digital Natives” … Continue reading

“For me, technology has opened the doors to my students. Speaking their language and working with the tools they know gives me credibility; I get their attention and collaboration willingly.” – Mireia Gussinyé Figueres, Mexico

“The best trend at the moment is definitely the work in student-to-student learning. Teachers play the role of facilitator and guide students, which gives extra energy to students. And teachers should encourage collaborative learning.” – Chandra Wijerathne, Sri Lanka

The Importance of Mobility in Education and App of the Week

The ability to learn wherever, whenever – mobility – is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that more students throughout the world have access to a quality education. Here at Daily Edventures, we talk a lot about the … Continue reading

“There is definitely a push towards… student and teacher experiences across mobile devices and multiple platforms, and realizing that users and consumers don’t want to be locked into a particular way of doing things. I think that is really encouraging.” – Anthony Speranza and Narissa Leung, Australia

“Students are capable of much more than adults think. Students are capable of much more than they think. It is all a matter of getting the brains off of the metaphorical couch and then getting out of the way.” – Ian Fogarty, Canada

“Often, the omnipresence of audiovisual in our civilization is seen as a negative by those, especially in the education system, who consider the word, rather than the image, the way to facilitate thinking and reflection.” – William Caldera Pantoja, Colombia

“Be fearless! Every world-changing idea that has ever been had has been met with and challenged by fearful, judgmental, and complacent opposition. Without fearless leaders who are willing to take risks to improve education in this country, we are at risk of failing our children.” – Joli Barker, USA

“Teachers and school leaders have an outstanding opportunity to be agents of change and to not only convey knowledge and content, but also how to apply it, leverage it, and develop students’ minds to tackle societal issues.” – Anne-Sophie Tual, USA

“Now that I am teaching I also want to inspire other teachers to think further than just their classroom so that we are creating opportunities for our students to be their very best — to be LIFE ready.” – Jamie Ewing, USA

“Personalizing the learning environment is, to me, the most groundbreaking and exciting thing happening in education today” – Nasha Fitter, USA

“Most importantly of all, my work gave the students with special educational needs the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, in different ecosystems, which had previously been a privilege only of other students. This was all possible because I learned how to form partnerships.” – Margarida Telles da Cruz, Brazil

“When you are satisfied and inspired, you inspire and make a difference not only to your students, but to other professionals, parents, just about anyone you come in contact with. Your passion will be contagious.” – Jennifer Bevill, USA

“It is essential to reflect on how and why technology is used in the classroom. As educators we cannot throw gadgets at kids and expect grand testing results. Innovative education is purposeful, designed, and reflective.” – Sarah Collins, USA

“Students can use ICT and get interested with Serious Games. The students find playful software very interesting, and learning while playing is more effective than learning with books only, or just the Internet. ” – Jean-Pierre Gallerand, France

more–>  INTERVIEW EN FRANCAIS EN BAS DE PAGE Jean-Pierre Gallerand is a true pioneer in education technology – he’s created virtual experiments to get students excited about science for over 30 years. A 2012 Partners in Learning Global Forum finalist … Continue reading

“100 percent of the teachers we are training are losing their fear of technology on the first day.” – Maria Delgadillo, Ecuador

“We live in a global, knowledge-based society where creativity determines the survival and prosperity of nations as well as individuals in order to march towards prosperity.” – Ruwankumari Weeramuni, Sri Lanka

“Sensory integration opened up a whole new world for not only me, but most importantly, for my students with autism.” – Shannon Putman, USA