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“Many of our ideas have come from our participation in Microsoft’s Partners in Learning Global Forum. I’m constantly amazed at how many others there are like me, looking to change education, and prepare our kids for the 21st century world.” – Daniel Sharpe, USA

“Rather than teaching students to just use technology, I want them to create the very same technology they use.” – Pat Yongpradit, USA

“Treat each student equally, give them a chance to take responsibility for their own learning, express themselves, and learn at their own pace.” – Turkey

“It is very difficult to be innovative when you are working alone; it is much better to bounce ideas off other people. This is how ideas grow and is vital for moving education forward.” – UK

“Stop asking questions you know the answers to and open the door to communication and collaboration.” – Norway

“The individualization of the construction of the educational process enables us to inspire, motivate and encourage, and also to improve the quality of gifted and talented teaching and learning processes in school.” – Russia

“For learners it is very important to see that their work is valued by others, and they will respond to the challenges that sharing knowledge and skills with others involve by creating great work!” – UK