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“In order to develop new ways of learning and teaching we need to be connected and share ideas. The PiL Network is the best working opportunity for doing this – so I am thankful for being a part of it.” – Dr. Holger Fröhlich, Germany

Here at Daily Edventures, we’ve profiled hundreds of projects from Expert Educators around the world for almost two years. So we thought the Partners in Learning 10th Anniversary would be great time to round up a few of these projects and … Continue reading

“All of the 21st century skills are equally important. One of them can’t be enough on its own, but all of them combined can provide a synergistic effect and make a great impact on the future of the world.” – Saša Španović, Serbia

“It is my absolute conviction that the minute you make your students take part and give them the opportunity to influence their studies by knowing what the aim and the targets are, they will take responsibility for their own learning.” – Birgitta Trolin, Sweden


Focus: Microsoft Youth announcement. It is through our youth that we can change the world. Be the Spark of Change!

“I still prefer to see a teacher who teaches with dusty books and a chalkboard but knows how to inspire kids and shows them how interesting learning can be, rather than a high-tech teacher that uses ICT without a bigger plan.” – Belgium

“Tweet! Retweet! Share! Open the doors of your classroom and let your students learn from their international peers.” – Croatia

“Traditional systems of learning should be converted into digital learning so that concepts can be taught to learners in a fun and engaging way.” – India

“Make students come alive through creativity and originality.” – Argentina

Broaden students’ minds and arouse interest in math through detective games – Greece

“Interdisciplinarity is the keyword for success. Subjects related to the arts are at the bottom of our system, neglecting creative and talented students” – Portugal

“Innovation best comes when faced with the impossible” – Ghana

“Fight perfectionism, but have high standards. Allow kids to follow their interests. Don’t be an authority” – Switzerland

“Once you have got the evidence to show students are going to benefit, who would say no?” – New Zealand

“It has become far easier to create relations with students when we have played Xbox together” – Norway

“Remember that you may be the only adult role model and positive doorway into the future that they have” – Australia

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action” – Russia

“Give the world the best you have” – India


Focus: Join the Partners in Learning Network and experience global collaboration!

Collaboration is often mentioned in interviews on this blog and discussions I have with educators throughout the year as one of the most important opportunities to further innovative education, inspire new practices and improve upon each other. Today, I want to … Continue reading

“Stop-motion animation as an educational tool creates big results in the learning process and give my students an opportunity to be animation heroes”- Macedonia

Teach Technology, Teach Peace – India