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Learning from Finland: Putting Equality before Competition

Throughout the past year, we have shared some interesting stories and interviews about what is working well in education. One of the interviewees who comes to mind for me is Andreas Schleicher. Schleicher’s work with the Organization for Economic Cooperation … Continue reading

“A lot of countries are combining excellence with equity, in fact, one of the most important lessons from this comparison is that you don’t have to compromise equity to achieve excellence.” – Andreas Schleicher, France

Andreas Schleicher, whom we interviewed last year on Daily Edventures, has long been a proponent of using data to reshape the education landscape. Through his work with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and it’s global PISA testing, … Continue reading

“It’s a bit old-fashioned that one teacher goes to a training and then comes back to the school. We need to have the training within the schools so that teachers learn together.” – Anneli Rautiainen, Finland

“It’s not about technology. It’s more about pedagogy and knowledge practices. We have to change our social practices and knowledge practices, and that often calls for changing and shaping our physical environment.” – Kirsti Lonka, Finland

“Through a process of critical self reflection, innovative teaching strategies and partnership development our school as an institution had been transformed. However, how successfully had I brought about a transformation in the life chances of our pupils? ” – Lena McMorrow, Northern Ireland

“Teaching practices and the transfer of know-how between teachers in the field should be strengthened; the greater the leeway given to the schools the better is the school system performance level.” – Gaston Ternes, Luxembourg

“To student teachers: “Don’t think that you are ready, because you are never ready. You have to keep your antennae tuned to new things.” – Petri Ahokas, Finland

“With this generation of ‘digital natives’ education can be more real, rich and relevant; we have the opportunity to embed life-long learning.” – Peter Tootell, New Zealand

“In order to help teachers create new learning experiences through technology, we have to invest in training and encourage trial and error.” – Spain

“The fact that we still have large numbers of low income and minority kids who are not achieving at levels commensurate with their counterparts is still, to me, the number one problem in this country we need to reckon with and haven’t done nearly as much as we need to.” – USA

“We’re redesigning education from the bottom up. It can truly be innovative and has the potential to attract the best leaders and entrepreneurs.” – UK

“Although it seems that children are born with a “mouse” or “mobile” in their hand, they actually need assistance from adults to cope with digital literacy: privacy, ethics, critical thinking.” – Estonia

“Involving students in their learning to create personal paths and collaboration is helping them, but competition and individualism is getting in the way of learning.” – Finland

“Kids who ‘own’ their learning are destined to do the most amazing things.” – USA

“Learning needs to change the soul as well as the head” – USA

“You can’t get around the need for great teaching” – France