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“Technology will never replace teachers, but a teacher who cannot teach with technology will be replaced by another one who can.” – Zuzana Molčanová, Slovakia

Zuzana Molčanová Teacher Engagement Manager Microsoft Bratislava, Slovakia @zuzanamol Zuzana Molčanová knew she wanted to be a teacher from an early age, but she had no idea what that really meant until she stood up in front of her students. … Continue reading

Andre Quaglia

“My experience working in the business world taught me the importance of thinking independently and solving problems using available resources. Preparing students to meet these same challenges requires teaching strong information literacy skills that will give them the ability to fight economic poverty, improve quality of life and increase opportunities.”

Educator Tecumseh Vista Academy Department Head at Greater Essex County School Board Ontario, Canada @quagliaspace Andre shares his Project Based Learning in Business Education lesson on his page on the Educator Community, and on his website, cloudoflearning.com. Check them out!

“The standard lecture format is not engaging to this generation of learners. We need to adapt our teaching styles to meet their needs. With the tools at their fingertips today, they can focus on becoming problem solvers with excellent means for expression and spreading their findings.” – Diane Evans, USA

“Change should occur gradually but at all levels: teachers, students and administration. To be truly motivational, it must take into account all the players and their new ideas.” – Marilo Martinez, Spain

“When teachers collaborate together, the best ideas combine together.” – Alice Leung, Australia

“There is a glaring disconnect between what we say we want students to know and do – be resilient life-long learners capable of creative problem-solving for future challenges as yet unknown – and where we direct our educational resources of time and money: preparing capable test-takers.” – June Tiesan, USA

“Project-based learning is one of the best ways to prepare students for the demands of life, citizenship, and work in today’s world.” – Sara Hallermann, USA

“It is imperative that we focus less on the tool, and more on the instructional intention of the tool. Technology should be used to create authentic, transformative learning.” – Andrew Miller, USA

“In order to be innovative you have to first accept an essential truth: For students to flourish through having a voice, teachers must give up any notion of control.” – John McCarthy, USA

“To better support education, we need to see more aspirational leaders coming out of the pipeline of higher education programs. I would love to see stronger ‘successor planning’ to enable consistency in initiatives.” – Charity Allen, USA

“To increase student engagement and ownership of learning, we should give students opportunities to do meaningful work — work that makes a difference locally, nationally, and globally.” – Eric Williams, USA

“It must be recognized that a real education is an experience and a process, not the summative end that can only be measured by a limited test. We must find ways to address, promote, and assess communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.” – Michael Gorman, USA

“Project-based learning, while not new, is seeing renewed interest and I feel it truly helps students.” – USA