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Valerie Anglemyer

“My students have always seen the problems in the world, but now we are concentrating on looking beyond the problem to the solution.” – Valerie Anglemyer, USA 

Valerie Anglemyer Instructional Coach and Seventh Grade Humanities Teacher NorthWood Middle School, Wa-Nee Community Schools Wakarusa, Indiana, USA @valanglemyer70  When it comes to leading school transformations, empowerment is one of the key ingredients to success. For Valerie Anglemyer, a 2014 … Continue reading

Iro Stefopoulou

“Giving students the opportunity to connect with peers from all around the world and from different cultural backgrounds opens their eyes and minds. Skype in the Classroom, apart from practicing communication skills, takes learning outside of the classroom and provides authentic learning experiences!” 

Iro Stefopoulou Skype Master Teacher United Kingdom Iro shares even more Skype in the Classroom tips, insights and projects on her Educator Community profile.  To give your class a once-in-a-lifetime experience, be sure to sign up for Microsoft’s global Skype-a-Thon, … Continue reading

Jon Tait - UK

“More and more organizations are trading globally, so we must give our students every chance to be successful, communicating and collaborating in a world without physical boundaries.” – Jon Tait, UK

Pernille Ripp - USA

“Many of us fight every day for school to be meaningful and not just something being done to students.” – Pernille Ripp, USA


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Heather Hallett, School Principal - Canada

“Good teachers identify student strengths and interests and use them as scaffolding for increased learning. Good administrators do the same for teachers.” – Canada

Mark Azzopardi, Teacher, St. Paul’s Bay Primary School - Malta

“The biggest and best opportunity is that, thanks to technology, all the world has become like one country. There are no barriers.” – Malta

Ann Sorum Michaelsen, Administrator and English Teacher, Oslo - Norway

“Stop asking questions you know the answers to and open the door to communication and collaboration.” – Norway

Sonja Delafosse - USA

“I look forward to the day that teachers stop thinking of technology as another ’thing‘ that they have to deal with and it truly becomes a tool that is so integrated into teaching and learning, that it becomes invisible.” – USA

Sugata Mitra- UK

“Not allowing students to use the Internet is like taking a modern soldier, taking away his gun and gear and telling him to fight.” – UK

Martin Lindved, Pre-primary Teacher - Denmark

“The fact that I, as a teacher, get to assume the role as facilitator and guide gives me the extra energy to really see the students as individuals, and to challenge their individual competences and talents.” – Denmark