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Education 2.0: Students, Social Networking and Education

“In order to be innovative you have to first accept an essential truth: For students to flourish through having a voice, teachers must give up any notion of control,” said John McCarthy, who I interviewed in October. McCarthy’s opinion has … Continue reading

How to use Twitter for Education: a Twittorial

Many of the educators that we interview at Daily Edventures – including Justin Tarte, Chris McGee and Vicki Davis, among others – sing the praises of using Twitter to help them develop professional learning networks, share their own ideas and … Continue reading

“Hands down, social media is the most exciting innovation in education today. With the use of networking sites, I have all of the experts who are working in the field at my fingertips.” – Amy Ahola, USA

“When you are satisfied and inspired, you inspire and make a difference not only to your students, but to other professionals, parents, just about anyone you come in contact with. Your passion will be contagious.” – Jennifer Bevill, USA

“I think it’s very important to evaluate any new curricular intervention, and in today’s world when technology is seen as a panacea, it is increasingly important to be critical of its integration in education.” – Rey Junco, USA

“An educational trend that needs to gain momentum is the idea that learning, for the sake of learning, is valuable. Otherwise, I think that we will start to regress as a society.” – Eric Stoller, USA

“The problems that you see around the world – we have a lot of that in the Philippines. Just seeing that creates the passion that you need to do something.” – Jecel Censoro, Philippines

“I see more teachers trying to connect with others from all over the world. Knocking down the walls of the classroom can be a very powerful thing to do. Connecting students with the world can only help them in the long run.” – Nick Provenzano, USA

“Social media allows people to connect. So instead of reading about the Arab Spring, I can have students following along, in real-time, with what is happening.” – Steven Anderson, USA

“Innovation doesn’t only apply to technology, but also to the way teachers inspire students to act, think, react and create things that may help them to become better members of our society.” – Mexico