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“The eZone breaks the barriers of digital apartheid in South Africa, as students have equal access to devices and high-speed Wifi.” – Paula Barnard-Ashton, South Africa

Paula Barnard-Ashton Lecturer and Manager of eFundanathi – Learn with Us University of Witwatersrand Johannesburg, South Africa @PaulaBarAsh @eFundanathi Sometimes, where and how students learn can be just as important as what they learn – especially when it comes to … Continue reading

The rewards of professional development – Linda Foulkes, South Africa

Linda Foulkes has always loved teaching young students, but she’s found even higher rewards in helping her fellow educators master new technology. This Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert is passionate about the value of learning new

Stopping at nothing to ensure students learn with technology – Mokhudu Machaba, South Africa

For Mokhudu Machaba and her colleagues at Ngwananmago Primary School, there was trouble each year, all due to one inhabitant of the school play yard: a Marula tree.  “[When it was in season], the fruit fell down and the students … Continue reading

“Teachers are making the world their playground and their classroom.” – Lyneth Crighton, South Africa

When Lyneth Crighton first immersed herself – and her students – in technology several years ago, she was breaking new ground by using Facebook and Twitter in the classroom. She was miles ahead of many of her peers. Fast forward … Continue reading

“One of our great successes is that we’ve created a format where [students] can fail.” – Corey Johnson, South Africa

Translating Trash into Learning Treasure – South Africa

Twentieth Century Problem, Meet Twenty-first Century Learning Skills

It’s no secret that education disparity – the vast divide between well funded and resourced “rich” schools and cash-strapped, inspiration starved “poor” schools – is one of the biggest problems we face today. No continent, country or city is immune. … Continue reading