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Uriel Aiskovich - Argentina

“The importance of the educational task is not to find new Einsteins, or to show how much the teacher knows, but to detect the best potential in students and to help in their development.” – Uriel Aiskovich, Argentina

Birgy Lorenz, Teacher, ICT Development Manager - Estonia

“Although it seems that children are born with a “mouse” or “mobile” in their hand, they actually need assistance from adults to cope with digital literacy: privacy, ethics, critical thinking.” – Estonia

Anil Sonune, Primary Teacher - India

“Keep the little kid inside you alive and step forward with confidence.” – India

David Hamlett, Principal Network Leader - Australia

“You only make a difference in education by making a difference with individual students.” – Australia

Aaron Reedy, Zoology and Biology teacher, Chicago - USA

“Standardization works for factory parts, but it is not good for inspired learning.” – USA

Himanshu Shekhar, Science Teacher - USA

“Traditional systems of learning should be converted into digital learning so that concepts can be taught to learners in a fun and engaging way.” – India

Daniel Mercado, Teacher - Argentina

“Make students come alive through creativity and originality.” – Argentina

Maggie Hos-McGrane, International Educator,Tech Coordinator - Switzerland

“The connections we make as teachers and the collaborations that students are able to get involved in are crucial in students developing international-mindedness.” – Switzerland

Tricia Fuglestad, K-5 Art Teacher - USA

“Art education programs sit dangerously close to the chopping block during times of financial difficulties.” – USA

Beth Varsho, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist - USA

“Don’t try too many things at once. Find one thing to do, do it right, and start small. If it is successful, it will grow.” – USA

June Atkinson, State Superintendent of Public Instruction North Carolina - USA

“Personalization of education for every child is now within the reach of educators through technology systems and use.” – USA

Diane Evans, Associate Professor of Mathematics - USA

“Students engage in and remember lessons from unique classroom experiences; the old lecture style formats do not work with today’s students.” – USA

Laura Rahn, Fourth Grade Teacher - USA

“Teachers need to find their own ways to learn and not wait for professional development to come to them.” – USA

Urvish Dhruvkumar Chhaya,  Assistant Professor - India

“I would like to prevent the over-commercialization of education.” – India

Les Foltos, Director of Educational Innovation, Peer-Ed - USA

“The biggest obstacle in the US is the single-minded obsession with testing and accountability with little or no effort to help teachers improve.” – USA

Monica Kissel, Assistant Principal - USA

“When you talk about putting an Xbox in the classroom the first thing you think is “you’re putting a video game in the classroom?”- USA

Dawn Fregosa, NFTE Entrepreneurship and High School Biology Instructor - USA

“Kids don’t vote, and parents often don’t have the educations they deserve and don’t know how to change things, so the caretaking of our future is left to the teachers and administrators.” – USA

Cheryl Arnett, Teacher - USA

“One teacher at a time, one lesson at a time, one innovative idea at a time; a transformation is taking place in our schools.” – USA

Thodoris Andriopoulos, Math teacher, Author - Greece

Broaden students’ minds and arouse interest in math through detective games – Greece

Sarah Wessling, English teacher, National Teacher of the Year 2010 - USA

“I’m more afraid of mediocrity than I am of failure.” – USA