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“Our students need to find their place in this new digital environment and be ready for the new challenges.” – Stefan Malter, Germany 

Stefan Malter University Lecturer/Chief Editor Technical University of Dortmund/nrwision – TV learning channel Dortmund, Germany @StefanMalter Before becoming a university lecturer, Stefan Malter worked as a television journalist. But he always felt the need to give something back, to offer … Continue reading

“The use of Sway is the most powerful activity that enables students to do more in a short amount of time.” – Amna Manzoor, Dubai

  Amna Manzoor Innovation Coordinator and ICT Teacher Post 16 Pristine Private School Dubai, UAE @AmnaInnovatist Amna Manzoor is on a mission to connect her students to the world globally. This mission has often been challenging, but with the help … Continue reading

Connecting students to science and fun – Tom Gamble, USA

Tom Gamble Middle School Math and Science Teacher Omaha Virtual School Omaha, Nebraska, USA @gambletg “One of my favorite activities is having students model elements, compounds, and mixtures in Minecraft aligned with my eighth-grade standards in Physical Science. Students were … Continue reading

Photo of Lisa Floyd

“As teachers, we are futurists.” – Lisa Anne Floyd, Canada

Lisa Anne Floyd Director of Research and Inquiry, Fair Chance Learning/ Instructor, Western University Faculty of Education/Teacher,Thames Valley District School Board London, Ontario, Canada @lisaannefloyd For Lisa Anne Floyd, teaching students how to use technology effectively is critical, but it … Continue reading

Making technology work for every type of student – Josh Davis, USA

As an instructional technology coach, Josh Davis is not only among the first to try out new technology at his school, he also gets to experience the initial excitement from both teachers and students when they get to try something … Continue reading

Iro Stefopoulou

“Giving students the opportunity to connect with peers from all around the world and from different cultural backgrounds opens their eyes and minds. Skype in the Classroom, apart from practicing communication skills, takes learning outside of the classroom and provides authentic learning experiences!” 

Iro Stefopoulou Skype Master Teacher United Kingdom Iro shares even more Skype in the Classroom tips, insights and projects on her Educator Community profile.  To give your class a once-in-a-lifetime experience, be sure to sign up for Microsoft’s global Skype-a-Thon, … Continue reading

“Be open and collaborative. Be willing to learn from others and share your knowledge. Remember that the job we do is for ALL kids.” – Beth Hamilton, USA

Student (and parent) confidence is the largest obstacle facing education. Far too often in a conversation with a student they say, ’My mom/dad was bad at math or science, so I won’t be any good at it either.’ I disagree. I fundamentally believe that all students can do anything they put their minds too.” – Jeff Charbonneau, USA

“It is… critical to treat teachers like the professionals we are. Allow us the flexibility and judgment to try new and innovative approaches to teaching kids. Administrators who help teachers reflect on their practice naturally encourage them to try new things.” – Dave Mendell, USA

“I think that other people can make important changes in their own lives and their students’ lives if they permit themselves to make some errors while they try to make the real revolution that education needs.” – Luciana Sylvestri, Argentina

“By applying our knowledge of technology, and with the support of a great psychologist and interdisciplinary group helping us improve the application, we have been able to provide a fun and effective ADD treatment for kids affected by this condition, enabling them to receive a better education.” – Team ReImagine, Mexico

“The importance of the educational task is not to find new Einsteins, or to show how much the teacher knows, but to detect the best potential in students and to help in their development.” – Uriel Aiskovich, Argentina

“The trend of offering individualized education plans, curricula, and lessons is going to help students tremendously. “Teaching to the middle” is one of the saddest concepts I’ve ever heard about.” – Mike Lee, USA

“Our work shows that students have a unique opportunity to change what’s wrong in their world through innovation and technology.” Sonnino Brothers – Brazil

“The bottom line is, administrators who want their teachers to be innovative and engage in technology have to do the same.” – USA

“Too often cell phones in schools are banned but they are powerful tools. As long as safety precautions and standards are built in, that is.” – USA

“You only make a difference in education by making a difference with individual students.” – Australia

“By making the smart phone their workbench, we made students excited about becoming creators, not just consumers, of technology.” – USA

“Personalization of education for every child is now within the reach of educators through technology systems and use.” – USA

“People must acknowledge that education is a human right, and that right does not stop in the event of a violent conflict or natural hazard.” – USA