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Five years celebrating everyday heroes  

Celebrating five years of Daily Edventures  Five years ago, we started an incredible journey to showcase the stories of education heroes from all around the globe. Over the course of this journey, we’ve featured hundreds of accounts of innovation, struggle, … Continue reading

Making technology work for every type of student – Josh Davis, USA

As an instructional technology coach, Josh Davis is not only among the first to try out new technology at his school, he also gets to experience the initial excitement from both teachers and students when they get to try something … Continue reading

Geoff Grimmer, Academic Director, Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy (VSSA) - USA

“Kids who ‘own’ their learning are destined to do the most amazing things.” – USA

Tricia Fuglestad, K-5 Art Teacher - USA

“Art education programs sit dangerously close to the chopping block during times of financial difficulties.” – USA

Beth Varsho, Instructional Technology Integration Specialist - USA

“Don’t try too many things at once. Find one thing to do, do it right, and start small. If it is successful, it will grow.” – USA

Curtis Bennett, Professor of Mathematics - USA

“The assessment/No Child Left Behind frenzy has left many students thinking that math is about applying formulas and simply getting an answer rather than about problem solving and discovering answers.” – USA

Diane Evans, Associate Professor of Mathematics - USA

“Students engage in and remember lessons from unique classroom experiences; the old lecture style formats do not work with today’s students.” – USA

Laura Rahn, Fourth Grade Teacher - USA

“Teachers need to find their own ways to learn and not wait for professional development to come to them.” – USA

Urvish Dhruvkumar Chhaya,  Assistant Professor - India

“I would like to prevent the over-commercialization of education.” – India

Les Foltos, Director of Educational Innovation, Peer-Ed - USA

“The biggest obstacle in the US is the single-minded obsession with testing and accountability with little or no effort to help teachers improve.” – USA

Mitchel Resnick, Professor of Learning Research, MIT Media Lab - USA

“Education needs to be more than about making a living, but about making a life.” – USA

Jonathan Bergmann, Pioneer Flipped Class Model - USA

The “Flipped Classroom” starts with one question: what is the best use of my face-to-face class time?

Monica Kissel, Assistant Principal - USA

“When you talk about putting an Xbox in the classroom the first thing you think is “you’re putting a video game in the classroom?”- USA

Darren Fix, Science Teacher - USA

“It’s like science. See what is already known about the problem and then purposefully ‘experiment’ in your class.” – USA

Dawn Fregosa, NFTE Entrepreneurship and High School Biology Instructor - USA

“Kids don’t vote, and parents often don’t have the educations they deserve and don’t know how to change things, so the caretaking of our future is left to the teachers and administrators.” – USA


“Be patient. Through consistent work and cooperation, the positive results are inevitable.” – Macedonia

Michelle Aubrecht, Game-based learning specialist - USA

“Game making is the best activity I can imagine for kids to be involved with – being on a team, working together to make something.” – USA

Cheryl Arnett, Teacher - USA

“One teacher at a time, one lesson at a time, one innovative idea at a time; a transformation is taking place in our schools.” – USA

Graciela Bertancud, Professor - Argentina

“Challenges are overcome with the conviction that technology benefits the learning process of the students and their quality of life.” – Argentina

Thodoris Andriopoulos, Math teacher, Author - Greece

Broaden students’ minds and arouse interest in math through detective games – Greece