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“Thank goodness we are in the art room, where weird is wonderful!” – Debbie Pulst, USA

Art educators like Debbie Pulst are naturally creative, and creativity is exactly what’s needed when it comes to teaching art in today’s test-heavy environment, where time and money are often in short supply. For Pulst, technology has helped to overcome … Continue reading


Developing OneNote for Education: A Program Manager’s Story – Mike Tholfsen, USA

We talk every day here at Daily Edventures about innovation. And while innovation in education is our focus, innovation in the broader sense is also core to our mission. When you work at Microsoft, innovation is a mandate. But that … Continue reading


Preserving the Cherokee Language through Engaging Technologies. – Roy Boney, Jr., USA

“The Cherokee people have endured many things over the centuries, but despite the historical hardships, we have prospered,” says Roy Boney, Jr. “One of our biggest challenges is creating content in our language that is engaging for our children. The


Collaboration Tools Help Students Work Smarter, Not Harder – Kelli Etheredge, USA

When Kelli Etheredge made her first appearance in Daily Edventures three years ago, she had plenty to say about what makes for engaging learning. But given how fast teaching with technology is changing, we wanted to check back in with … Continue reading


Technology Inspires the Youngest of Learners – Lizabeth Conklin, USA

Valentine’s Day has been the inspiration for many a poem, love song and wedding engagement. For Lizabeth Conklin and her class of kindergarteners, it inspired an entirely new way of teaching and learning. “We sent a ‘virtual valentine’ to a … Continue reading


Building a Professional Learning Community Pays Dividends – Wendell Sumter


Rethinking the Very Nature of What It Means to be an Educator – George Saltsman, USA


“Students need to know that as technology continues to change, they will need to continue to learn how to use it — just as their teachers have.” – Tammy Brecht Dunbar, USA


Anthony Salcito: Welcome to a Redesigned Daily Edventures!


“If we start to rethink some of the fundamental principles of education, [and] its relationship with technology, there’s a better chance that we will create the world that we and our children will want to live in.” -Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson, USA


“When I walk through these hallways, I think about what I [can] do when I get older.” – Richardson DeLeon, Inwood Early College Student, USA

brad smrstick- usa

“Right now, change [in education technology] is happening in very large increments, and it’s happening very quickly.” – Brad Smrstick, USA

michelle licata- usa

“What made me change from the conventional setting to the online setting is that I wanted to have 1:1 opportunities with students all of the time. I also felt I was very limited by the four walls of the classroom.” – Michelle Licata, USA

joshua sawyer- usa

“We tend to focus so much on the learners sometimes that we leave the leaders behind.” – Joshua Sawyer, USA

Mike Soskil

“I believe that when students learn at an early age the intrinsic joy of doing good, they grow up to be problem-solvers who will change the world for good in the future.” – Michael Soskil, USA

john dinelli- usa

“The goal of the classroom isn’t to give us facts, it’s to turn us into thinkers.” – John Dinelli, USA

Nick Tobier, Associate Professor - USA

“Throw away the standardized tests and go out and do something” – USA

Tony Habit, President NCNSP - USA

“In our state and nation, partisanship and the misapplication of market models to K-12 schooling distracts attention from the essential work of building the capacity of teachers and allowing them to perform.” – USA

Frederick  Hesse, Director of Education Policy Studies AEI - USA

Our system “stifles creative problem-solving, impedes new providers, and has yielded a culture of timidity and compliance among too many school and system leaders” – USA

Dawn Fregosa, NFTE Entrepreneurship and High School Biology Instructor - USA

“Kids don’t vote, and parents often don’t have the educations they deserve and don’t know how to change things, so the caretaking of our future is left to the teachers and administrators.” – USA