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“Throw away the standardized tests and go out and do something” – USA

“In our state and nation, partisanship and the misapplication of market models to K-12 schooling distracts attention from the essential work of building the capacity of teachers and allowing them to perform.” – USA

Our system “stifles creative problem-solving, impedes new providers, and has yielded a culture of timidity and compliance among too many school and system leaders” – USA

“Kids don’t vote, and parents often don’t have the educations they deserve and don’t know how to change things, so the caretaking of our future is left to the teachers and administrators.” – USA

“Game making is the best activity I can imagine for kids to be involved with – being on a team, working together to make something.” – USA

“I’m more afraid of mediocrity than I am of failure.” – USA

Effective use of social media in the classroom increases students’ achievement, attendance rates and graduation rates – USA

“Teachers can only make meaningful changes if they get practical support where it matters most: in the classroom” – USA

“I can’t stress enough the importance of parental involvement. Unless parents reinforce what schools attempt to achieve, little will change” – USA

Discover Mathemagics and Love Math for Life! – USA

“Learning needs to change the soul as well as the head” – USA

Teachers must drive education reform – not just go along for the ride – USA

“Never start off with the most feasible idea. Roll the dice” – USA

Drawing on Inspiration: Challenging the World of Learning through Comics – USA

“In their capacity for juxtaposing and intersecting diverse elements visio-spatially, comics facilitate the making of unexpected connections, and in this way can be fertile sites for discovery,” says Nick Sousanis.

Shifting the Focus of Global Education Development: from Access to Impact – USA

Immersive technologies are great way to learn, they also are one of the best ways to measure learning – USA

If you’re wondering about the latest in learning technologies, you need not look any further than Chris Dede. As the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, Dede lives and breathes cutting-edge education technologies.  He’s … Continue reading

Moving to 24/7 Learning through BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

After 35 years in the classroom, Lou Zulli, Jr. knows a thing or two about education, and he’s not afraid to tell you what he thinks. His opinion not only matters, it’s refreshing. And Zulli clearly knows what he’s talking about. … Continue reading

Celebrating International Mother Language Day (February 21) – USA

International Mother Language Day was created in 1999 when the United Nations General Assembly called on members to “promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world.”  When languages fade, the UN says, “so does the … Continue reading

As long as standardization is the goal, innovation won’t happen

As a social studies teacher in Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy, a partnership with the Franklin Institute with a focus on science, technology, mathematics and entrepreneurship, Diana Laufenberg works hard to ensure her high-school students create their own learning experiences. And she … Continue reading

Without Vocation There is No Chemistry of Teaching

“Education, in my opinion, is the great equalizer,” says Kelli Etheredge. “My parents didn’t have college degrees, but my mom encouraged my dreams of college and beyond. I went to college and on to law school. After I practiced law … Continue reading