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Create Your Own Music

One of the most amazing things about technology is that it allows tools once used only by professionals to eventually become accessible to the masses. Publishing, photography, and design are great examples of creative endeavors that have been transformed by … Continue reading

“App development is not easy, but having the conviction and ability to stick with it and either see it built, or build it yourself can be very intrinsically rewarding.” – Lucas Moffitt, Australia

On Wednesdays, we like to share some of the most popular new education apps created for Windows 8. Today, our featured app is one that likely speaks directly to busy teachers everywhere: Lesson Plan Manager. Daily Edventures alumnus Lucas Moffitt … Continue reading

Windows 8 Wednesday – Recording Studio

Here at Daily Edventures, we often talk to teachers who lament the lack of art and music education in today’s schools. Budget cuts and aggressive testing expectations have all but removed arts education from many school districts, in spite of … Continue reading

Teachers and high-schoolers connect over pizza on Cool Street with new games-based learning app

Where classroom technology is concerned, it’s impossible to ignore the impact interactive whiteboards have had in helping to transform traditional, teacher-at-the-chalkboard pedagogy. Promethean has played an important role in that shift, and they’re continuing to push boundaries with this week’s … Continue reading

Note Anytime

Collaboration may be considered a 21st century skill, but in today’s Daily Edventure, we highlight a husband and wife who have redefined what it means to collaborate, in life and work, for the past four decades. Kazunori and Hatsuko Ukigawa … Continue reading

The Importance of Mobility in Education and App of the Week

The ability to learn wherever, whenever – mobility – is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that more students throughout the world have access to a quality education. Here at Daily Edventures, we talk a lot about the … Continue reading

“The principles and problem solving capabilities of algebra are, in themselves, fascinating.” – USA

With summer vacation here (or fast approaching), formal classes may be on hiatus, but as any math teacher will tell you, that doesn’t mean students shouldn’t continue to work on their skills. Over the long summer break, students may be … Continue reading

“As the world of programming is opening up and becoming more accessible with new software, like Kodu for example, children are able to create their own apps to use in their learning. I am super excited to see what that looks like in ten and even five years time.” – Charlotte Beckhurst, UK

Windows 8 Educational apps blog: Now in Chinese!

With its many apps and cross-platform power, Windows 8 is, without question, the most universal platform Microsoft has ever offered, and the possibilities it offers to educators are limitless. In my travels over the past few months, I’ve talked to … Continue reading

“There is a strong demand for an educational solution that is visual, immersive and experiential” – Ondrej Homola, Czech Republic

“Today, young people are much more exposed to enormous amounts of information. Critical thinking is the skill that will help them comprehend information properly in mutual references and use it an innovative, creative way.” – Ondrej Homola, Czech Republic