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“My education is important to me because it’s the platform for my future endeavors, success and aspirations.” – Kelly Stewart, UK

All the Education Apps at your Fingertips

It’s official: it’s “back to school” time! For many, summer vacations have come to a close, and school is starting up in earnest. Fall is a busy time of year for families, students, teachers and administrators alike. This is why … Continue reading

“I’m a believer of the BYOD approach. I believe that smartphones are about to be game changers in education, not only in developing countries, where it’s often the only Internet access, but also in industrialized countries.” – Jérôme Serre, France

“Between flipped learning and supporting a ubiquitous learning environment, mobile devices are only going to become more involved in every day classroom practice.” – Lucas Moffitt, Australia

“It’s easy for students to lose motivation and give up. They become convinced that math is too difficult for them. With DragonBox we want to change that and help kids believe in themselves and their own abilities.” – Jean-Baptiste Huynh, Norway

“I like the look and feel, the colors and the form that (allows me to) customize everything on the desktop.” – Irma Perez, Teacher, Puerto Rico

As we often say here at Daily Edventures, it takes more than technology to achieve meaningful progress on the road to education reform. But technology does play a key role. Every day, I hear from teachers, and we’ve featured a … Continue reading

“As the world of programming is opening up and becoming more accessible with new software, like Kodu for example, children are able to create their own apps to use in their learning. I am super excited to see what that looks like in ten and even five years time.” – Charlotte Beckhurst, UK

Windows 8 Educational apps blog: Now in Chinese!

With its many apps and cross-platform power, Windows 8 is, without question, the most universal platform Microsoft has ever offered, and the possibilities it offers to educators are limitless. In my travels over the past few months, I’ve talked to … Continue reading

Student Voice Live: Future Leaders Speak

Last weekend, I was honored to be part of Student Voice Live, an event held in conjunction with Dell and the Student Voice organization, and streamed live.  In my official role at the event, I helped to lead an open … Continue reading

“With the development of more functional and accessible devices, being able to learn on any device, anywhere, and at any time, mobile learning is the paradigm shift occurring in many schools” – Kari Stubbs, USA

“All of the 21st century skills are equally important. One of them can’t be enough on its own, but all of them combined can provide a synergistic effect and make a great impact on the future of the world.” – Saša Španović, Serbia

“The distance between our classroom and the real world has never been shorter and corresponds to what 21st century skills actually are all about — preparing our students for what’s to come.” – Jerker Porat, Sweden

“Without critical thinking, we cannot cope with the avalanche of information. And without the ability to work in a team, it is impossible to implement any serious projects.” – Eugene Moturnak, Ukraine

“I still feel the most important thing in education is to build a good relationship with your students, as they will then listen to what you have to say.” – David Renton, Scotland

“Many tribal languages are endangered. Using tools such as computing allows people to use technology to perpetuate our native languages and cultures. While technology is not the only solution, it is an extremely powerful and valuable tool to aid in language learning.” – Jeff Edwards, USA


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